“Monday”nity Triptychs

Some of what we hope to do through this blog is to celebrate the mundane – the ordinary and commonplace.  Or at least to look for ways to be as intentional about the every-day as we are about special occasions and feasts. We got talking about the idea of finding beauty in the mundane or life and decided to try sharing a snapshot of  some of the “mundane” of a Monday in each of our homes.  Thus “Monday”nity was born. We’re still not sure how we feel about the pun, but we’ll sit with it and see what happens!  We’re in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time at present, the space between the celebration of Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit) and the season of Advent (when we await the Christ-child and anticipate Christ’s return), so this seems like a fitting time to begin our little photography project.

Mundane is defined as “the lacking of interest or excitement,” but also as something “earthly, or of this world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.”  Perhaps this is our attempt to find something sacred–something heavenly–in the ordinary and mundane of life, believing as we do that this is precisely the gift (and the shock!) of the Incarnation: the union of heaven and earth.

Our chosen format of a triptych (from the Greek word for “three-fold”) has a long history of use in Christian art, becoming popular in the Middle Ages. Often the middle panel would be larger, though for the most part our photos will appear of equal size, in portrait format. Our inspiration in part for this project comes from this lovely blog by two ladies, on opposite sides of the U.S.A., who captured their Sundays for a year and shared them in diptych (two-fold) form. Their project has continued well beyond a year now.

We hope to make “Monday”nity Triptychs a regular part of our sharing here at the Seasoned Table.  Typically, you can look for a “Celebrating the Mundane” post on Wednesdays.

Pictures will appear in this order:
Sarah in Mariposa, U.S.A; Sara in Vancouver, Canada & Sharolyn in Brisbane, Australia.


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