Who we are and what this is about

“The Seasoned Table” contains a triple entendre: not only do we hope to share here recipes for tasty (well-seasoned) food, but we hope to do so in accordance with the seasons of the earth and the Christian church, a practice that, with time, we trust will season each of us, growing and maturing us into fruitful citizens of the earth and the Kingdom of God.  This hope reflects the belief that in every way we are ‘what we eat,’ physically, spiritually and relationally, if such distinctions can be drawn.  We see this effort to live into the seasons of the earth and the liturgical year as, primarily, another step down the path of discipleship with Christ, a path that traverses seasons of want and seasons of plenty, seasons that celebrate the miraculous as well as the mundane, and leads ultimately to the great banquet table at the wedding feast of the Lamb.  We are participating in an ancient way, a way that seeks to regard the whole of life as holy, to unite the work of the home and prayer, and to attend to the presence of Christ in unlikely places.

While holding our Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters (who surely know far more about liturgy and the Church year than we do!) in high esteem, we are all Protestants from varying backgrounds.  We met one another through our neighbourhood church, Grandview Calvary Baptist, a community of people dedicated to hospitality for the least, and mutual transformation into Christ-likeness.  We recognize that we have been and are being shaped by our particular, local congregation even as we are being shaped by the great congregation of Christians around the world, across time and denominational tradition.  A closer observance of the Church year is something many in our community are seeking to practice, and one way this ‘shaping’ is happening.  It is our hope that this blog will hold wide appeal, across denominational traditions and branches of the Church, to homemaker, theologian, artist, teacher, gardener, clergy and lay alike.  We welcome your comments and invite conversation.

Sarah Crowley Chestnut grew up in Mariposa, CA, a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, outside Yosemite National Park.  She lived in Vancouver, BC for seven years, a season of life during which she yearned her Master’s from Regent College, met and married Joshua, and had her first child, Jacob.  Sarah is a freelance writer and poet, an avid home baker and an aspiring gardener.  The Chestnuts returned to Mariposa at the beginning of June.

Sara Hankinson grew up on a vegetable farm outside of the small town of Lacombe, Alberta.  She has some fond memories of picking, packaging vegetables, and then selling them at Farmer’s Markets while growing up, but wasn’t truly able to appreciate this lifestyle until later on in life–once she moved to the city of Vancouver.  Sara works as an Art Therapist with a few different populations and places in the city.  Outside of this vocation, she finds her calling in gardening, cooking, creating, and community– basically, in trying to bring her country upbringing into the city.  In 2011, Geordan became her husband and co-adventurer in the kitchen and community.

Sharolyn Newington grew up in Brisbane, in the sunshine state of Queensland, Australia. She and her husband Joshua transplanted their life to Vancouver, for a season,  in December of 2010 to further studies and chase bears. Sharolyn was excited by the prospect of truly experiencing the 4 seasons (though apparently Vancouver has nothing on the prairies and mid-west…) and continues to find joy in the small treasures of everyday life – wildflowers picked in alleyways, a fresh almond crossiant, a homegrown salad. Sharolyn and Joshua welcomed Ignatius Paul into their family in September of 2012 and returned to Brisbane in December to offer this blog a Southern Hemisphere perspective.


4 thoughts on “Who we are and what this is about

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  2. Hi there you creative gals,
    This is great. I’m going to really appreciate reading your blog, thinking about what you’ve shared and making what you’ve created and tested. I’m going to be learning right along with you!
    ~ Beth

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