Church on a Hill

_DSC0141Eastertide (thankyou Sarah for giving me some language to use to speak of this season) is one of the most glorious times of year in Brisbane. After a rainy summer we have had continuous blue skies, sunshine and cooler nights (that’s a good thing in the tropics) for… well, about all of Eastertide so far. Here, Down Under (an extremely cringe worthy term but it kind of works…) we don’t see the earth physically resurrected after a cold, dark winter, the way the ground bursts forth at Easter time in the northern hemisphere, but it is lovely to think that the skies celebrate the resurrection.

I was driving in a part of town I am not very familiar with when I saw this beautiful church steeple and cross on top of a hill. I was intrigued and followed the roads, winding up and around, until they led me there. Atop the hill this church overlooked much of the city, the river, parks and houses. The church is called Our Lady of Victories. There is something beautifully prophetic about a church on a hill.


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